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 Home Page | 4-Layers
1. Layer 1: Introduction with customer supplied video
2. Layer 2: Building business Overview
3. Layer 3: Inspection business Overview
4. Layer 4: Real Estate business Overview
5. Footer

2) Building Business Page | 5 Enhanced Layers
1.  Layer 1: Builder Biography with discussed family picture
2.  Layer 2: services section listing variations of homes built
3.  Layer 3: Portfolio containing images of previous projects
4.  Layer 4: customer reviews of past services
5.  Contact form

3) Inspection Business Page | 4 Enhanced layers
1.  Layer 1: About section describing the Inspection business
2.  Layer 2: inspections listing types of inspections
3.  Portfolio containing images or examples from past inspections
4.  Contact form

4) Real Estate Business Page | 4 Enhanced Layers
a) Layer 1: Bio of Real estate Agents/about me
b) Layer 2: current listings layer
c) Layer 3: Portfolio containing images and examples of types of houses that can be listed
d) Layer 4: contact form

Revisions and Updates:
• Includes two (2) hours of revisions during a 30-day period after website is presented for review.
Additional revision time will be automatically billed at our standard hourly rates.

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