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Website Design & Development – WordPress for PMT

$3,687.50 / month for 2 months with a 30-day free trial and a $7,375.00 sign-up fee

Website Design & Development

Custom design developed WordPress CMS for easy editing and maintenance access. Includes two (2) hours of revisions during the initial design phase and ten (10) hours of revisions during a 30 day period after website is presented for review. Additional revision time will be automationcally billed at our standard hourly rates. Client to supply all detailed content copywriting for descriptions of products, services, and about the company. Rize Marketing assistance with photos and general copywriting where applicable.

  1. HOME Page | with multi layers
    1. Featured image & message with action button(s)
    2. 5-Layers Layout: (1) Intro and overview of PMT, (2) Quick link blocks to Products, Capabilities, Equipment, (3) Featured Client / Project, (4) Why PMT? Standout features/reasons, (5) Feed from News & Media
    3. Get a Quote Call-to-Action layer link
  2. PRODUCTS & MATERIALS Section | Enhanced Pages (x3)
    1. Landing page list of Product Categories each linked to individual enhanced pages (see diagram)
    2. Machined Parts, Sheet Metal, Assemblies
    3. Each page to multiple layers for overview, capabilities, and example products (with photos)
  3. CAPABILITIES Section | Enhanced Pages (x3)
    1. Landing page list of Capabilities Categories each linked to individual enhanced pages (see diagram)
    2. Design & Concept Prototypes, CNC Machining, Processes
    3. Each page to featured 2-3 layers for content – overview, process, etc. (with photos)
  4. EQUIPMENT & FACILITIES Section | 2 Subsections
    1. Our Facilities – landing page with intro layer for brief overview followed by photo gallery
    2. Our Machines – landing page list of Machines blocks – each linked to individual pages per Machine
      1. Individual Machine pages to have photo with description – and 2nd layer for capabilities & products
      2. Assistance with up to five (5) machine entries (more can be added at anytime at $175 each)
    1. Section for adding Client Case Studies – individual pages for each – 2-3 layers of photos/descriptions
    2. Assistance with initial set of up to 3 Case Studies (client supplied content)
  6. NEWS & MEDIA Section
    1. Section for adding News & Media – individual pages for each – Featured image w/ content (additional layers available – Initial filler entry provided (further entries by client via WordPress)
  7. ABOUT PMT Section – 2 Subpages
    1. Why PMT? – our story and what makes us different
    2. Management Team – with bio photos, titles, and optional brief descriptions
    3. Accreditations / Certifications – individual entries with icon/logo and brief descriptions
    4. Giving Back – individual entries with icon/logo and brief descriptions
    5. Careers – general overview of available positions – followed by inquiry form w/ resume upload
  8. CONTACT US Section
    1. Contact Us Page with contact info, google maps, contact form for quotes & inquiries

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions Pages also set up with standard content to be modified by client to suit specific terms

Purchase of this service indicates acceptance of all our Terms & Conditions


Our Process

Setup or Claim

Our process starts with setting up or claiming the included services. Many of these services will require verification that may include your assistance. We will also require access to your website's administration area to setup and install apps or verification codes.

Complete and Optimize

Once we have setup, claimed, and verified the services, we update the services with your business details as supplied in the questionnaire. Some of the services like the citations can take up to 2-3 months to complete and go live. Most other services take only a few weeks.

Maintain and Update

Google is constantly making updates to their services, therefor it is critical that your business details are kept current, hours of operation are updated to include holidays and special times. The Data Aggregator accounts must be renewed yearly. It is highly recommended that you select the monthly update plan.

Featured Service Details

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the premier website tracking service. Best of all, it is completely free. We will setup an account and install the tracking code on your website. We will share the analytics account with any Google Gmail accounts that you would like us to.

Once setup, you will be able to track visitors, view where your traffic came from, what the response was to your last email blast, and dozens of other statistics about your website. 

Google Analytics will help you understand which of your marketing efforts are generating the best results. It will also enable you to find which pages your customers stay on, and which ones they bounce off from.

Search Console

Google's search console is the geared towards the professional and enables you to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of your website. It also comes with many other tools that enable to fine tune your website. 

As part of the Google suite of website tools, it should be linked to your Google Analytics account to enable more features and better accuracy. 

Here you will find which pages Google has indexed and if Google has found any errors on your website that might hinder it from indexing your remaining pages.

The Search Console will also monitor your site for security issues. It checks for embedded viruses and spam bots that may have been embedded by a hacker or rouge plugin.

Google My Business

Google My Business is Google's central business hub that lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. Here you can manage your reviews, list your products and services, display your menu, show photos, manage your hours of operation including special holiday hours.

Google also provides detailed insights like how many people requested directions to your place of business, the number of calls that where initiated from a map search or click through a Google Ad.

You can even enable customers to message directly through Google My Business to your mobile devices. You can post specials, list events, or just a general informational post kind of like mini blog post that will show up in customer searches.

Google My Business is a powerful tool to help you market and manage your business online.

Local Citations

A local citation is any site online that displays the following details about your business; Name, Address, and Phone number. Or NAP for short.

Local citations provide multiple benefits for your business including:

  • Help drive customers to your website. Many of the citations include popular sites like Merchant Circle, Manta, Yellow Pages, and many more. These directories have high rankings and often show up high in search results.
  • The more accurate the NAP listings are, the more it will help your organic SEO results and the Google Local pack rankings. But for this to have an impact, your information must be consistent and accurate.

While there are many services that charge monthly or annually in order to keep your citations live, we only charge you once when we claim them. However, should you change your NAP, then there will be a charge to update all your listings.

Data Aggregators

We will submit your NAP information to the 4 main Data Aggregators;

  • Infogroup
  • Neustar Localeze
  • Factual
  • Axciom

The Data Aggregators will then push your information out to dozens of directories and citation websites. We combine both manual and Data Aggregator listings for the best possible results and the widest coverage.

The Data Aggregator listing are an annual service and require renewal each year. 

Reputation Monitoring

Our reputation monitoring service monitors most of the biggest review sites for new reviews and alerts you to any new reviews posted. Please note that we will need the account credentials of most of the sites to access the reviews.

You will also be able to respond directly through our interface to reviews posted on many of the review sites. This is especially convenient when there are multiple sites that need responses.

We currently provide the most extensive support for customers located in the United State, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. But we also support customers in most countries on the main review sites like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp.

Getting alerted when a review is left can be time critical if the review requires a response. The quicker your response time is, the more likely any issues will be successfully resolved and any damaging reviews are removed. 

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